Veteran actor Alok Nath's son Shivang was booked for drunk driving late on Monday (October 3) night. Shivang was returning home from a friend's party when he was stopped by the police. Some reports said that the 24-year-old didn't stop the car and was chased by a police vehicle.

Shivang, who didn't have a driver's license with him, was taken to Santa Cruz police station, Mumbai where he was fined Rs 2,600. Currently, his car has been seized by the Santa Cruz police. "The actor's son sped away instead of stopping. But he was stopped near Santa Cruz police station and fined," a police officer told the Times of India.

"The accused's car was chased and intercepted on SV road, and they were taken to Santa Cruz police station where an FIR was registered," another police told Hindustan Times.

According to an ABP News report, the actor's son misbehaved with the policemen, instead of admitting his mistake. Also, Shivang and his friends reportedly created a ruckus at the police station. Apparently, Shivang tried to switch position with a female friend, so as to make it look like she has been on the wheels, however, before he could succeed in doing so, he was caught by the police.

Nath is popular face in Hindi cinema as well as television and is known for his roles as a stereotypical Indian father who values traditions and morality. He has also popular among internet users as Sanskari Babuji and is made fun of for his consistently similar choices of roles.