In the dynamic world of Tollywood, the ever-popular Allu Arjun is set to embark on an exhilarating cinematic journey with Tamil director Nelson Dilipkumar, renowned for the sensational blockbuster 'Jailer.' While illustrious directors Trivikram Srinivas and Sandeep Vanga are also contemplating collaborations with the reigning star, Allu Arjun's pan-India venture with Nelson remains firmly on the horizon.

Allu Arjun also made headlines today as he encouraged the residents of Telangana to cast their vote as a part of Telangana Assembly Elections 2023. The actor took to his social media platform to share a picture of his inked finger. 

According to an insider, the 'Pushpa' star has committed to Nelson Dilipkumar's project slated for the upcoming year, emphasizing its significance amidst his other impending ventures. The film, expected to boast an unprecedented budget of Rs 200 crore, is poised to redefine the action genre with an unparalleled saga.

Allu Arjun

Nelson, riding high on the monumental success of 'Jailer,' met Allu Arjun several months ago, presenting a riveting storyline that captivated the actor's interest. The source reveals, "Nelson narrated an intriguing tale set against a unique backdrop, brimming with action and entertainment. Bunny, known for seeking distinct narratives, found resonance with the script and enthusiastically gave his nod to the project."

Crafted as a pan-India entertainer, this ambitious collaboration comes on the heels of Allu Arjun's widespread acclaim following the release of 'Pushpa.' With 'Pushpa 2' poised to elevate Bunny's star power further, the film with Nelson is strategically positioned to cater to his burgeoning fan base. "Bunny's popularity is set to soar, and his collaboration with Nelson promises to satiate the growing expectations of his dedicated followers," adds the source.

Nelson Dilipkumar

Reportedly produced by Nallamallapu Bujji, the visionary behind the blockbuster 'Racegurram' that showcased Allu Arjun in a new light, this magnum opus is poised to create ripples in the cinematic landscape. The dynamic synergy between Bunny and Nelson is anticipated to set new benchmarks, ensuring the project remains a focal point of excitement in the world of cinema.