Alison Sweeney
Alison Sweeneycreative commons/ Glenn Franci

Allison Sweeny, best known for playing Samantha (Sami) Brady on one of the longest running shows "Days of Our Live" revealed that she will be leaving the series on the latest episode of  "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", according to various reports.

Sweeny will be exiting the show after being associated with it for about 21 years. She joined the series when she was 16.

"I decided that it's going to be my last year with the show. I've been on 'Days of Our Lives'since I was 16 years old, and I have never had more than a two-week vacation in that whole time," Sweeny said on the show.

Sweeny, who also hosts "Biggest Loser" from the past seven years, said she wanted to spend quality time with family. Meanwhile, she has been writing and will continue to take on new avenues after severing ties with "Days of Our Lives."

"My daughter just turned five and my son is nine, and I just want to be with them and enjoy my last year," she said. "I'm really just excited to be with my kids and be with my husband and...have fun. And I write, my second book's coming out and I love directing!"

So when is Sweeny's last episode going to air? She said she didn't know but added that she would be around for the whole year.

But how will her character be cut loose? Will she be killed? Or will it be just another disappointing 'Dexter' finale?

While Sweeny claimed ignorance of that aspect too, she asserted that she wanted Sami to have a badass ending.

"It would be awesome to have some sort of happy ending," she said. "I also think Sami deserves some sort of twisted Breaking Bad ending. She's caused a lot of people a lot of problems."

Check out the segment of the show below: