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Ever wondered what makes Korean skin care products so advanced, or why Korean women defy age with their flawless skin, then this article will decode the mystery about Korean timeless skincare.

If you know have a Korean friend, you might have noticed their workspace consists of moisturiser, hand cream, sunscreen and humidifiers instead of the regular stationary supplies. That is how serious skin care is for Koreans.

Korean makeup is simple. It is a little bit of eyeliner, defined brows and a dash of lip colour. Heavy makeup like blush and contour interfere with their clean and clear complexion. Essence, serum, cleanser, moisturiser all form an essential part of a Koreans daily skin routine.

Skincare is ubiquitous in Korea, with streets blanketed with umbrellas providing shade during hot sunny days, women walking around wearing gloves and visors to protect from UV rays and carrying umbrellas made specifically for sun protection.

These habits are inculcated from a young age making it a preventive skincare regime without the hype. It is common to see kids dousing their skin with sunscreen and moisturiser, where it is seen as essential skincare routine to prevent teen acne outbreak.

Apart from self-care, Koreans visit skin specialists and spas catering to various skin concerns. Terms like "Family Facialist", Skin Maintenance Clinic" and "Skin Spa" are commonplace in Korea. Skincare is not considered as vanity, but as a necessity to take care of oneself. Koreans look down on women who ignore skin care routine and consider them lazy. They place much importance to external appearance as much as they consider having a balanced meal and exercise routine.

The focus is not merely on products; but more on providing nutrition to the skin. Koreans believe that beautiful skin is an outcome of a healthy lifestyle, from a balanced diet to sheet masks, the Koreans aim at achieving overall wellness. A nourished skin backed with a healthy lifestyle paves the way to age like fine wine.