Nithiin is popular for his love boy image on screen. At the same time, he has his own and real life love story and it is too lovely. Speculations are rife on Nithiin's wedding with Shalini Kandukuri since the past few days and sources say that they are getting married in April 16 in Dubai.

The duo knew each other for 8 years now, but has been in love for the last five years only. Also, there's nothing filmy about it is what Nithiin says. Shalini is also a Hyderabadi and she has done her Master's in Business Management from a University in UK and is back to Hyderabad recently.

Nithiin Reddy.PR Handout

In an interview with a leading daily, Nithiin revealed how they fell in love and said, "We met through common friends and clicked instantly. I did not try to woo her. In fact, neither of us tried too hard. Our relationship evolved so naturally that we knew we loved each other and we didn't really have to say it out aloud to prove a point. We just knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. It's a mature relationship built on understanding and trust."

Nithiin and Shalini Kandukuri.Twitter

Finally, when the time to propose Shalini has arrived, Nithiin wanted to stand out from the rest. At that time, Nithiin wanted to unleash the romantic side within and thought of being 'zara hatke'. "So I didn't want to do the usual drill of going down on one knee and popping the question or shower her with roses. Instead, I decided to stand on one leg and propose to her. I just wanted to do something different, funny and memorable. I guess it really paid off. Not only did it make her laugh, she immediately said, 'yes',' he added.

Thankfully, there were no filmy dramas either in their relationship or when their families came to know about it. Also, Nithiin's wedding will happen on April 16th in Dubai and the actor himself has revealed. A grand reception will be held in Hyderabad where all the celebrities and his close friends from the film industry will be present.