Early reviews of Abhishek Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor starrer "All Is Well" are out and look like the film has failed to impress the critics.

The film features Abhishek, Rishi, Asin, Supriya Pathak and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub in prominent roles. Directed by Umesh Shukla, the film is about a road trip undertaken by Inder Bhalla (Abhishek) and his father (Rishi).

Director Shukla impressed viewers with his last movie "OMG - Oh my God!", but with his recent release, he has failed to make a mark.

Gulf News critic Manjari Saxena in her review said that the only good part about the movie is that it ends in two hours. The road trip gives headache to viewers, explains Manjari.

" It is sad to see such talent as Rishi Kapoor and Supriya Pathak Kapur — and even Abhishek Bachchan — go to waste."

" The only good thing about the film is it ends in two hours (phew!). All is not well with All Is Well. Watch it at your own risk. Better still, wait for one of the bigger channels to announce the world TV premier," she added.

Just Bollywood in its review said that "All Is Well" is an average film filled with weird fun elements.

"The film lags behind in many ways, right from having a powerful and content rich script, to performance and other things," the review read.

"So, not much to say but to call it an average film and if you go rude, you can even call it as a nonsensical film unlike how Abhishek's arrogant mother calls films of other filmmakers."

Emirates 24/7 critic Bindu Rai said that the film has recycled lines and offers nothing new.

"The talented Pathak is wasted in 'All is Well', while Asin is just another pretty face to fill in the heroine's shoes. Take our advice and the money spent on this weekend's movie outing is perhaps best spent on charity instead. Believe us, you will be doing yourself a favour," Bindu said.

Moumita Bhattacharjee of BollywoodLife.com said: "For a movie like All Is Well, you never really go to a theatre with much expectations. Only a miracle can make you do that and this film proves you right. When the song Nacha Farate with Sonakshi Sinha is the only highlight of the first half, you know what to expect next."