Trump supporters

The massive Black Lives Movement that begun seven years ago and more recently mobilised millions of citizens against police brutality against Black Americans after the killing of black man, George Floyd, still has not been able to convince a good number of US citizen about the disproportionate racism that Blacks are subjected to in the country.

And the hardest ones to convince are President Donald Trump's White supporters.

They doubt everything other than what the president says: be it racism or precautions against the coronavirus. They refuse to believe that Blacks are differentiated based on the colour of their skin and that they are disproportionately killed in police violence, despite studies saying otherwise.

From organising counter-protest to BLM, like All Lives Matter (ALM), to holding pro-fascist rallies, Trump's white supporters not only try to convince themselves but even give sermons to Blacks that there are no discrimination and racism against Blacks in the country.

On Saturday, one such similar episode happened on the streets of Totowa in New Jersey and was recorded by a Black woman who was at the receiving end.

The woman shared a video in which a group of Trump supporters surrounded her car and hounded her over the matter of racism in the US. They indulged in an argument to convince her that narrative of disproportionate police violence against Blacks is wrong, and instead of BLM, it should be All Lives Matter.

Even when the Black woman mentioned about the police brutality and killing of George Floyd by a white police officer, the group of Trump supporters refused to believe her. One White woman, ironically, said that the Black woman hasn't got her facts right.


It is absurd, to say the least, that Blacks do not face discrimination based on the colour of their skin, especially when there are government reports that say otherwise.

According to one estimate, a black American is 2.8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a white person. And a similar scenario can be seen in US jails where, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) in 2018, blacks account for over 34% of the total male prison population. In contrast, the white male made 29% of the total inmates in the jail.

Speaking movement's life stages wise, BLM is in its nascent stage, and it would take some more time to undo the long history of racism in the US. But the process has begun.