PV sindhu
STR/AFP/Getty Images

India's badminton star PV Sindhu says the All England Championships is just another tournament in the BWF World Tour for her. 

PV Sindhu lost to Sung Ji Hyun of South Korea in the first round at the Arena Birmingham on Wednesday. Unfortunately for PV Sindhu, she was not at her best against Sung Ji Hyun, even though the first set went head to head until 12 points. The South Korean was successful in winning the opening set 21-16.

Sung Ji Hyun was in the driving seat to win the match in the second set. The scoreline was 20-16 in her favour. But, PV Sindhu was successful in pulling a comeback and eventually winning the set 22-20 to level the match 1-1 after two sets. In the third set, Sung Ji Hyun made no mistake to win the set 21-18 and with that to seal the match. The final score was 21-16, 20-22, 21-18 in the South Korean's favour.

After the defeat, PV Sindhu she gives each tournament equal importance, which is why the All England Championships is one of the major events for her.

"Well I think it would be... for me it [All England Championships] is just one of the Super Series and I would just count it as like that. But I would just take every tournament as a very important tournament," said PV Sindhu, as reported by India Today.

"I would say there will be responsibilities but I think we have trained enough to fight hard every tournament and yeah, sometimes, it [losing] just happens, and ups and downs are always there and I think I have to take it as a challenge and come back much more stronger," she added.

PV Sindhu went on to stress how important the smashes were in the match against Sung Ji Hyun. That is where, according to her, the course of the match could have been decided.

"Yeah, I mean, main [reason] is the smashes, that I think I would say because they were very much crucial points which were going into the net and out. Those are very important points. Maybe in the crucial moment around like nine all, that smash was important and maybe like 15-11, something like that, yeah those smashes were really very important," Sindhu said.