Alii Muhammed
Alii Muhammed

Alii Muhammed - A Lifestyle, Menswear and Luxury Social Media Influencer. If you need any help in suits, hotels or cars - He is your man!

Alii lives a luxurious life and has an essence of sophisticated dressing menswear and a lifestyle people can only dream of.

He is 24 years old and lives in Dubai being one of the most successful digital content creators out there! He has achieved at lot in such young age. He started his journey as a blogger in 2014 by showcasing his major weight loss transformation and then slowly started to model for commercial brands. However, he realised his passion was more into creating content of his social pages and decided to pursue this ambition in late 2016. Since then he has had the opportunity to work with the best brand known worldwide.

To elaborate his work this article is not enough because he has collaborated with so many huge brands and hotels like:- Louis Vuitton, Prada, St Segis Hotels, Ritz Carlton,Bentley and jaguar and many more.

@AliiMuhd is an inspiration to all and has over 41K followers on his Instagram.

He also has an upcoming YouTube page and in one of his successful vlogs he showcased the authentic side of Dubai. Where you get to see and experience a complete other and humble side of Dubai.

If we talk about his future plans then he wants to become a public speaker and inspire people to live their dreams and encourages everyone to believe in themselves. He states " Everyone should ignore the noise, because a lot of people will talk and hate, but you have to push yourself beyond that, and thats when your dreams will come true"

Thus we admire his thoughts and with that we wish him Good luck.

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