Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has finally withdrawn its controversial 'dress code' order issued earlier this week for girls students studying in the university after receiving criticisms from several quarters. 

The provost of AMU's Abdullah Hall for girls, Dr. Ghazala Parveen had issued an order this week, asking students in women's hostel to wear "proper and decent-looking dresses, i.e. salwar kameez with dupatta, both in or outside of the hostel."

"Dress code rule for girls was by provost of the particular hostel, not by AMU. I have asked the provost to withdraw it," Public Relations Officer of AMU, Rahat Abrar told ANI. 

The provost of AMU also asked women students to avoid eating outside and enter details of their outings in a register kept in the hostel besides wearing on decent-looking dresses. The students were warned of a disciplinary action including a fine of ₹500 if they were found violating these rules.

The biased order received objections from several quarters as it was only female students.

"Girls are only allowed to go out on Sundays. There should be uniform rules for girls and boys. The apprehension within the AMU community that boys may be distracted if girls go out is reprehensible," Ayesha Munira told NDTV.

The college administration had defended the dress code instruction by saying that it was required due to the presence of male workers within the girl's hostel. A professor had suggested the administration to hire female workers instead rather making students follow certain dress code.

In another such controversial order at the AMU, Vice Chancellor Lt. Gen. (retd) Zameeruddin Shah had asked the male students in an open letter last month to wear only sherwanis if they had an appointment with him.