Aligarh Muslim University
Aligarh Muslim University Entrance Gate.Haris H Khan/Wikimedia Commons

Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University Lt Gen Zameeruddin Shah has come under fire after he allegedly called some of his teachers "namak haram," (unfaithful) in front of the chairmen, students and teachers of other universities.

Shah was addressing a seminar at Kennedy Hall Auditorium on the eve of Teachers' Day on 4 September.

Following this, the Aligarh Muslim University Teachers' Association sent a letter to Shah expressing their displeasure over his remarks.

"We are shocked and disturbed to know your remarks against university teachers... while addressing the chairmen and other university teachers and students. We have never heard any vice chancellor calling teachers "namak haram," that too on the eve of Teachers' Day," The Times of India quoted the letter.

However, it has further come to light that this is not the first time that Shah has made such comments about his teachers. The VC is said to have called his teachers "nakara" (useless) in an earlier incident.

The teachers' association also said that Shah had expelled an associate professor, who called him "beaql," (foolish) in his Facebook post.

"We may, however, recall that on earlier occasions, you had called the teachers "nakara" and stated that you were a boxing champion, and still knew the art of a knockout punch, probably to scare teachers. We are reminded of the fact that you recently suspended a teacher for using slanderous language against you," the letter added.

The reason behind making such derogatory remarks against the university teachers is unknown. While the VC was reportedly unavailable for comments, university spokesperson Rahat Abrar said that his remark was not aimed at teachers.

"The VC has already replied to the association about this incident. There was no such comment directed at teachers, he was referring to disgruntled elements, kuch log (some people)...," Abrar said.