A strange object was spotted in a field in Gaangpur in Chhattisgarh on Friday after locals apparently heard a "loud noise". 

On Saturday, a photo of the object was shared on Twitter by journalist Rahul Pandita, who said it "fell from the sky". 

"This is what fell from the sky with a loud noise last evening at 6 pm in a field in Gaangpur, Chhattisgarh," Pandita tweeted. 

It is not clear what the object is, but Twitterati commented on the photo with their own speculations. Some said it could be part of a jet engine, while others said it could be satellite debris. 

Pandita himself hazarded a conjecture to say that the object could be "related to a Dhaka-Muscat flight" that reportedly made an emergency landing at Chattisgarh's Raipur airport on Friday due to a technical glitch. 

The conversation thread on the photo of the object prompted FlightRadar24, which tracks air traffic in real time, to join in, stating that the reported United Airlines flight "does not fly that route". 

Others asked if the object was a "rocket engine nozzle", while some speculated if it could be a satellite debris. 

And, of course, there were speculations if the object could be a UFO or an alien spaceship. 

Some of the funnier guesses were that it could be "Saabu's bowl from Jupiter", "God's own steel hat" or a "huge biryani handi". 

While Pandita tweeted that the police are now investigating the object, you can decide for youself what the strange object could be.

Meanwhile, Pandita shared another photo of the unidentified object.