Alia Bhatt has been trolled multiple times in the past and the actress has became a subject of jokes of late. 

Alia faced an embarrassing situation during a song launch from the movie "Shaandaar". It was a fun-moment when reporters present at the event were asked to cast their vote on their favourite version of the song.

When they were submitting their votes, mentioned on chits, Alia spotted one reporter waving his chit from behind.

Seeing the person with the chit from behind, Alia said, "Arre wo uska hila raha hai, uska koi le lo (He is shaking his one, someone take that)," reports Times of India.

It was not an intended double entendre, as Alia meant to ask people to collect the person's chit, but the "Shaandaar" actress' words sounded a little risque, prompting everyone present to burst into laughter, said the report.

However, Alia soon realised her goof up, so to speak and added with a giggle, "Sorry, wo paper hila raha tha, de do (Sorry, he was shaking the paper. Give it)."

Earlier, Alia was severely trolled after she named Prithviraj Chauhan as the President of India at the TV show "Koffee With Karan". The actress had to bear a series of jokes on her and some continue even till date.

Alia will next be seen in the movie "Shaandaar" starring Shahid Kapoor and the actress has been very busy promoting it. The film is slated to be released on 22 October.