Ali Fazal,
Ali Fazal with his fitness trainer Mustafa AhmedPR handout

Mustafa Ahmed for the unaware is the man behind the most envious fitness inspiration of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan. Better known for his claim to the fitness world of being personal trainer to Hrithik Roshan and Mahesh Babu, Mustafa has now found a new student in Ali Fazal. In Mirzapur, Ali played the role of multi layered Guddu Pandit, who's physcial transformation for the show left everyone shocked in the first season. Ali trained under the supervision of Rahul Bhatt and looked every bit menacing for the part in the series.

Now after a hiatus, Ali is back at transforming himself. This time he will be teaming up with Mustafa to create a well shaped physique in what is being touted as the 12 weeks challenge. The duo have with due diligence created a high impact and a fast result intense power workout regime to give Ali a transformation that truly will be both jaw dropping and inspiring.

Speaking about it, Ali said, "Mustafa is extremely able and very through in his arena of fitness, he's one of the pioneer. the thought m of evolving through complex training and movements based on instinct, every workout is designed fresh and adapting to the movement of the body. Mustafa refrains from making workouts boring and monotonous . He designes them around me and my goals and thus this collaboration is very exciting for me for my personal fitness. when I was training for Mirzapur, I think was also under a lot of stress and injuries that occurred after my training for the series. So i needed a lot of careful alignment of the body which is something that he helped truly is helping me through. Mustufa is really helping me to do that."

Ali Fazal, Mustafa Ahmed
Ali Fazal with fitness trainer Mustafa AhmedPR handout

In doesn't make us stop and wonder for sure if this is the official preparation for the season 2 of Mirzapur? which was confirmed by Ali fazal a few weeks ago making the fans of the show delightfully happy knowing the certainty of the return of this highly watched series.