Richa and Ali
Ali Fazal and Richa ChadhaPR Handout

It's always wise to carry your luck around especially when it pertains to important life-changing events. Ali Fazal abides by this with much devotion and prefers his luck and love in life, Richa Chadha to accompany him at all important occasions. But well, not this time.

Ali's film Victoria & Abdul has been nominated at the Oscars (Makeup-Hairstyling and Costume Design) and rumours started circulating that he has asked his girlfriend Richa Chadha to attend the event along with him. He took to Twitter to clarify and said: 'Sorry am seeing all these news items . Just wanna clarify. I am very excited about my film being up there and team at the oscars . Gunning for them. But am here in LA filming something else. So would ask people not to pay heed to the news"

Ali and Richa have always shown immense support for each other's work and they dedicatedly give due credits for the same.

The rumours suggested that along with attending the grand ceremony, the two have also scheduled meetings with International filmmakers for their prospective projects. Well, Ali has categorically rubbished these rumours.

Ali Fazal
PR Handout

"It's our friendship, which grew over time. It's so easy for everyone to fit us in a genre and label it love. Love is when we last, so the hope is that we arrive somewhere close to that. I just hope this is the last time I will be disclosing status on my personal life. We don't want to jeopardise our little friendship. But am happy, I am very happy," Ali told Hindustan Times.