Productivity has been hard to achieve this lockdown. Despite the time, the government forcing you to stay put, many of us still have a lot to get through. But, some like Ali Abbas Zafar has been particularly productive this lockdown.

Ali Abbas Zafar has got the most out of the lockdown. The director locked himself down in Dehradun, cutting himself off. And, he successfully finished the script for Katrina Kaif's superhero film.

Ali Abbas Zafar and Katrina Kaif

Ali Abbas Zafar locked down in Dehradun working on scripts

This lockdown has given everybody time to reflect, pause. But some have chosen to make it a productive one. Everybody has found their own activities, and how to spend time effectively. Ali Abbas Zafar decided to cut himself from Mumbai in Dehradun.

The director retreated to his Dehradun home which was a gift to his parents. He hasn't been able to spend enough time with them, so the lockdown gave him the opportunity, "I have got some much-needed sleep, fresh air and lots of time," he told Mumbai Mirror. He called the home his 'writing pad'. 

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Ali Abbas Zafar who has kept mum so far about the superhero film with Katrina Kaif opened up about the venture and where the project is at in terms of production, "My next is a superhero film with Katrina (Kaif). Recently, I locked that script and it will go on the floors once the lockdown ends," he said. He added that there is still a lot of prep left due to the heavy-duty action involved. He revealed that he has been doing script reading with actors and the production designer. 

Hopefully, once the lockdown ends we'll really see how this new project takes off. It will be exciting to see Katrina in an all-action role as a superhero. It'll definitely be a first for Bollywood to have a female superhero to look up to if done right.