The story that 'Alex From Target is fired' from his job is a hoax. The internet superstar still has his job.
The story that 'Alex From Target is fired' from his job is a hoax. The internet superstar still has his job.Twitter

If you thought someone would become an overnight internet superstar and simply get away with the mass popularity without being a victim of a hoax, you were mistaken.

The good-looking teenager, who has been named "'Alex From Target" has been retaining number 1 position on Twitter trends for over 24 hours. While his popularity has been surging, with many referring to him as a Justin Bieber look-alike, he has now fallen victim to a hoax story.

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#AlexFromTarget Fired After Negative Media Exposure

The notorious entertainment and satirical website published a story titled "'Alex From Target' Reportedly Fired From His Job At Target." As sensational as it might sound, the fact of the matter is that none of the so called news stories published on the website are true.

It can be noted that Huzlers is the same website that spread the viral hoax that the earth is going to experience six days of full darkness in December and in a recent case, another hoax story -- "Bill Gates Offers Rapper Young Thug $9 Million Cash to Stop Making Music."

The website falsely reported citing fake sources that his rapid rise to fame on social media was the cause behind him being expelled from his job. The site notoriously quoted a so called supervisor of Alex as saying:

"Alex is a good kid and all but this is ridiculous, I mean, can we really trust teenage girls? They brought fame to Justin Bieber for Christ's sake. We do not need negative attention and thousands of teenage girls coming to my sotre and creating havoc over Alex. Besides, Alex isn't even all good looking, it was the angle in which the photo was taken".

Whether the famous teenager was as good-looking will be another matter for debate, but the fact is the boy still has his job.

The teenaged employee at the big-box store became the new big online meme after his picture began rapidly circulating all over social media through Sunday and Monday. It all started with an innocent picture that was posted online at Sunday noon and it unexpectedly took a lift on its own and simply went viral.

People have been trying to solve the mystery of who exactly the young man with the solemn expression is, and after his real twitter account was found, he has accumulated thousands of followers within hours..

"What if he has a ruff time finding another job to do to his fame..I fell really bad," tweetd @sillycami

"The #alexfromtarget tweets are giving me life...Heard he got fired though," said an individual with the name 'Your Mum'

"This whole thing just popped up from nowhere, but why is he fired? I feel bad for his," said 'Sammie