Alcatel to unveil OS-Agnostic smartphone and Smartwatch at CES 2015
Alcatel to unveil OS-Agnostic smartphone and Smartwatch at CES 2015Alcatel

Alcatel announces two new products to be launched at the upcoming International CES 2015. The list consists of an OS-agnostic smartphone naming Pixi 3 and a OneTouch pocket-friendly Smartwatch.

The OneTouch PIXI 3 smartphone will be available at a budget-friendly price, but the biggest USP of the smartphone will be the platform it would run on. The OneTouch Pixi 3, will be compatible with three most-popular mobile operating systems -- Android, Windows and Firefox.

According to sources, OneTouch Pixi 3 will be available in 3G and 4G variants. The models will differ in screen-sizes too; the 3G edition will feature a 3.5-inch display while the 4G edition will have 4.5-inch and 5-inch display (different models).

Alcatel has earlier released a Firefox-based smartphone Fire and Windows-based Pop 2, but a smartphone with three operating systems would be interesting to see. Recently, US-based smartphone OEM Saygus too released a dual-boot smartphone named Saygus V Square. The Saygus V Square also won the CES 2015 innovation award.

Alcatel has also tipped to release a pocket-friendly smartwatch, OneTouch Watch, which will also be officially launched at the same event. Though there is no specification available regarding the smartwatch, the leaked pictures mention it will look identical to LG's G Watch R and Motorola's Moto 360 smartwatch.

The OneTouch watch is expected to run on Android Wear OS and is expected to be compatible with all android devices running 4.3+ version of the OS.

Moreover, Alcatel is said to be working on a Palm smartphone based on android OS. Palm stopped selling smartphones after the HP acquisition and Palm Pre 2 was the last handset from them. The Palm Pre 2 featured WebOS, a Palm developed operating system which currently getting featured in LG's Smart TV series.