Fusion is one genre that is considerably overdone, at least in India. So, it is very hard to find fusion music that has not been done before, unless the artiste or band does something that brings a fresh perspective. New Delhi-based Anindo Bose, keyboardist of Advaita, and vocalist Pavithra Chari, collectively known as Shadow and Light, bring that required fresh perspective to attract a listener to fusion music. Their recently-released second album, "Elements," is proof of that.

The record is a stark deviation from Shadow and Light's self-titled debut venture. When compared to the former, "Elements" is more vivid in terms of self-expression through lyrics and sound. The songs in the album show that neither Bose nor Chari held back during its creation process. They experimented their heart's content and came up with a sound that is intense yet approachable at the same time.

Bose is no stranger to profound arrangements. Having been one of the minds that hold Advaita's music together, he brings with him a wide set of influences that he explores through Shadow and Light. "Elements," in particular, has a sound that blends hints of jazz, electronic music, pop, RnB, soft rock and even lounge music into a cinematic layout. When combined with Chari's Hindustani Classical-based vocals, the album is quite an interesting listen.

However, you might notice a tiny glitch when Chari switches to English from Hindi in between tracks. Chari's Hindustani Classical-based vocals is commendable, no doubt about that. But when compared to her contemporaries in the Indian indie music scene, her English singing falls a bit flat. She makes up for this with her Hindi singing, though, and she does it well.

In terms of lyrical content, the album borders around situations and perspectives caused by love. Chari, the primary songwriter, brings a unique perspective to the overused topic of love and happiness. From intoxicated love to stable love to the process of writing a new song, "Elements" has it all.

Overall, this album is immersive and is sequenced in such a way that it will attract the thinking mind and the easy listener alike. "Baras," "Broken Boundaries," "Viraha" and "Dua," were the highlights of the record for me.  

Listen to "Elements" by Shadow and Light below. 

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