London's Heathrow Airport has been put on high alert following credible bomb threats in the form of female suicide bombers with bombs planted on their breast implants and body cavities.

According to intelligence reports, major terror threat is underway with bombs being hidden under the female body implants for detonating flights moving out of London. The implants is said to have a certain liquid which goes off when it comes in contact with other liquid.

A Mirror report stated that Al-Qaeda's bomb maker specialist, Ibrahim al-Asiri has devised a technique of the breast implant and body cavity bomb which could easily fool the airport security scanners and go unnoticed.

As a result, security has been beefed up at the international airport and long queues was witnessed as the security checks took more time.

An airport staff was quoted by the tabloid confirming the threat and the resulting alert, "There are genuine fears over this. We have been told to pay particular attention to females who may have concealed hidden explosives in their breasts."

"This is particularly difficult for us to pick up but we are on a very high state of alert."

While experts believe such bombs planted internally will prove an arduous task at detection since the body scanners are not made in accordance of such checks.

However, Heathrow spokesperson refused to give out any inputs on the beefed up security checks saying, "We don't comment on specific security measures."

The terror threat comes at a time, when United States recently closed down several of it embassies citing terror threats from the Al-Qaeda outfit. Several foreign diplomats situated in the Muslim country-embassies were also flown out as a part of security issues and US tourists were also issued warning considering safety measures.