Security personnel have been asked to double check female passengers at all Indian airports amid threats of Al Qaeda's women suicide bombers with explosives hidden in the breasts through implants, as per PTI report.

Security agencies in India have alerted airport authorities throughout the country just days after UK's Heathrow Airport was put on high alert about breast implant bombs that could explode on-board a flight in midair. These bombs can be activated by either being injected with a liquid or with an electrical signal. 

Unlike the UK airport, Indian airports are not equipped with full-body metal scanners that detect explosives hidden inside a passenger's body. However, SK Malik, Director General Manager (DGM), Airport Security told IBTimes India that they are capable of handling such threats.

"Our security equipments and personnel at the airports are capable of handling such threats. There is no need to worry," said Malik.

According to the current security check norms, an airline passenger is frisked once before getting a stamp on their boarding pass or the passport.

"We are working on ways to devise a method to identify such explosives. We are trying to coordinate with international agencies; nobody has been able to come out with a foolproof solution for such threats," R R Verma, SDG (airports), the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) told PTI.

Moreover, these security checks are likely to be more vigorous from now onwards while respecting the privacy of female passengers.

"It is a sensitive issue and we have apprised our women personnel to be particularly alert. Any kind of explosives embedded in implants that do not have a metal component cannot be detected. We are devising ways to address this threat," Verma added.

He also told the news agency that CISF is using all possible diplomatic channels to reach out to international agencies and gain any additional information regarding such explosives concealed by implants. As per the report, all agencies involved in airport security services met last week to discuss the threat.

The Airport Authority of India currently manages 11 International airports in India and 44 operational domestic airports.