Akshay Kumar's "Rustom" may have been declared a superhit at the box office, but the critics were unforgiving about the slip-ups in the film. A viral meme explained the medals on naval officer Rustom Pavri's (Akshay) uniform and it had all of it wrong.

Producer Neeraj Pandey is enjoying the success, but is irked about the loopholes and how it made its way to the final cut. Talking to Mid-Day about the errors in the film, Neeraj said they had an ex-navy officer Vipul K Rawal on board, who is also the writer of the film, to ensure there are no factual mistakes.

"The fact is that Tinu Suresh Desai (Rustom's director) worked hard on the film. I was not happy with the detailing in so many ways, because with the kind of movies that we make, Shital (Bhatia, production partner) and I are careful to not get basic facts wrong. That's why we had on board an ex-Navy officer (Vipul K Rawal), who is the writer of the film as well, to look at these kinds of details. But somewhere it (the detailing) slipped. That irks me," he further elaborated.

Despite the embarrassing detailing goof-ups, "Rustom" has managed to shine at the ticket-window. The audience loved Akshay's controlled performance of an army personnel, who is torn between love and national duty, and appreciated the thrilling murder mystery.

"Rustom" released on Aug. 12 alongside Hrithik Roshan's "Mohenjo Daro," which was being touted as one of the biggest releases of the year. But the former beat the period film to the finish line.