Akshay Kumar, Twinkle Khanna and Mallika Dua
Akshay Kumar, Twinkle Khanna and Mallika DuaTwitter

Akshay Kumar has been in news after his "bajata hoon" comment to Mallika Dua on The Great Indian Laughter Challenge sparked a controversy recently. Akshay's wife Twinkle Khanna reacted to the row on social media with two posts, one in a serious statement, and then again in a satirical manner.

A few days ago on the comedy show, Akshay had cracked a joke on Mallika saying that "Mallika ji, aap bell bajaaiye main aapko bajata hoon". Following this episode, Mallika's father Vinod Dua had slammed the actor on social media.

Even Mallika had expressed strong disappointment by asking people, in an open letter, if Akshay would not be offended if anybody had jokingly made such a "sexist" comment on his daughter saying, "Nitaara ji, aap bell bajaaiye main aapko bajaata hoon".

Although Akshay is yet to respond to the controversy, Twinkle posted a long statement in support of her husband.

She received mixed response from the people on her statement as some called her "hypocrite" and some others agreed with her. 

Nonetheless, Twinkle soon came up with another post, this time flaunting her witty and satirical side.

She posted, "What is Akshay Kumar's favourite car? Bell Gadi. Why did Akshay Kumar go to the mosque? He wanted to hear some duas".

Twinkle captioned the tweet as, "I couldn't resist these two and after this I am done #LameJokes". One can easily figure out the connection between the tweet and the controversy by focusing on the two words "bell" and "dua".

Twinkle, who is otherwise known for her feminist stand, earlier made a post expressing her support for Akshay.

"I would like to address the controversy on the sets of The Laughter Challenge. The show has a bell which the judges ring after a contestant's exceptional performance and when Ms. Dua went forward to ring the bell, Mr Kumar said, "Mallika Ji aap bell bajao main aapko bajata hun" A pun on the words and actions related to ringing of the bell.

"It's a colloquial phrase that both men and women use — for instance, "I am going to bajao him/ her" or "I got bajaoed", Red FM even has a tagline 'Bajatey Raho' all without sexist connotations Mr Vinod Dua, Ms Dua's father, had written a post - it's been taken down now, stating, "I am going to screw this cretin Akshay Kumar". Should Mr Dua's statement also be taken literally or interpreted in context?

"Words, especially humour has to be seen in its right context. I have always stood up for freedom within comedy including defending AIB's infamous roast on numerous occasions in the past and that is my stance even today, so kindly stop tagging me in this debate," she had said in the statement.

Many slammed Twinkle calling her a "hypocrite" and saying that she forgot her feminist views when it came to her husband. However, there were some others who supported her opinion. Check some of the Twitter responses below: