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Akshay Kumar under fire for Canadian citizenship.IANS

Akshay Kumar has often been talked about for the mystery surrounding his Canadian citizenship. However, his latest statement confessing that he holds a Canadian passport has brought him under direct line of fire.

Known for his patriotic movies, Akshay has become the face of nationalism in Bollywood fraternity. However, the actor's contrary statements regarding his Canadian citizenship has brought him under the scanner.

After dodging a reporter's question on his citizenship row recently, Akshay issued a statement on social media, saying that he holds a Canadian passport, and he never intended to hide this fact. He further expressed disappointment at his citizenship row being dragged every now and then, and also expressed his love for India.

However, an old interview video from 2017 is now going viral on social media in which the Khiladi star is seen saying that he has just been given "honorary citizenship" by Canada.

"About the Canadian thing, I am an honorary citizen. I've been given an honorary thing. I think it's a thing that people should be proud about. I have an honorary doctorate also but I am not a doctor. So this is what people have to understand," he had said in the interview.

On the contrary, according to reports, there are only six people in the world who have been given honorary citizenship by Canada, and Akshay is not one of them.

Moreover, one Canada newspaper also stated that Akshay was granted citizenship of the country within a few weeks of filing application. "They are among the "Lost Canadians," a group of Canadians who have been denied or stripped of citizenship by the federal government due to legal technicalities. While the majority of these cases have been resolved through the 2009 Bill C-37, An Act to Amend the Citizenship Act, some people are waiting years to receive the same citizenship papers that others -- such as Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar -- was granted within weeks," the report stated.

In another video available on YouTube, Akshay is even seen addressing Canadian people and saying that he will settle down in Canada after he retires from Bollywood.

With all these revelations coming up, it is being believed that Akshay had lied about his "honorary" Canadian citizenship, and he is actually a citizen of the foreign country. He is also being slammed for choosing Canadian citizenship over Indian one despite earning his bread and butter from India. However, there are some others who support Akshay for his good work in the country and donations to the Army.

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