Akriti Kakkad
Akriti KakkadPR Handout

Singer Akriti Kakar, who apart from having an impressive discography of film songs, boasts of an enviable following on her YouTube channel as well.

Akriti who has been belting out several hit renditions of popular tracks based on what majority of her fan base requests across different social media platforms, has now come up with her own version of the Punjabi folk song 'Chitta Kukkad and Baghe Vich'.

Interestingly, the composition of 'Chitta Kukkad' was the inspiration behind the chart buster 'Lamberghini' by Doorbeen. Chitta Kukkad is a hugely popular song which will definitely strike a chord with the listeners.

Adds a source close to the singer, "Akriti has always chosen songs which her fans want her to sing. Her strong subscriber base on her channel is a testimony to that and with Chitta Kukkad which is a cult folk song she plans to give her listeners another musical treat by connecting with her roots and her Punjabi upbringing"

Apart from singing, Kakar also features in the video. "The feel is very vintage and has a fun feel to it. Akriti has donned a traditional outfit adorned with accessories to compete the look," concludes the source. Chitta Kukkad released on Akriti Kakar's own Youtube channel on April 2.