Akhilesh Yadav, Sanjay Dutt
Samajwadi Party leaders Akhilesh Yadav (L) and Sanjay Dutt attend workers' meeting at the party's headquarters in the northern Indian city of Lucknow March 14, 2009.Reuters

Samajwadi Party (SP) Uttar Pradesh state President, Akhilesh Yadav thanked the people of Uttar Pradesh following the party victory at the state assembly elections.

Thanking the people of the state, Akhilesh said in Lucknow that "We are thankful to the people of Uttar Pradesh for supporting Samajwadi Party and keeping their faith in us."

"People accept our election manifesto, we will fulfill it and give a new face to the state," he told a press conference on Tuesday.

"SP was continuously struggling to get its position in the state but people of UP have now given us clear mandate. To meet people's expectations we will pledge to fulfill our election manifesto," he added.

Speaking about the chief ministerial candidate of his party, the leader told media in Lucknow, "Samajwadi Party wants Netajee (Mulayam Singh Yadav) to be the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh."

However, he also added that "Still the decision has not been taken, parliamentary board meeting will be held  tomorrow. After the meeting we will declare it."

It's the first time that SP has won the highest majority in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, even higher than Bahujan Samaj Party's magical tally, 205 in 2007's state election.

At the press conference, Akhilesh said that people of Uttar Pradesh had voted for the party above caste and identity politics.

"Voters have raisen above cast and will be tough on criminals."

He told media that the expensive statues of Mayawati and BSP's election symbol - the elephants will not be removed or broken.

The 38-year-old leader and the man behind the triumph of SP in the state said that youth factor also helped win the election.

Meanwhile, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi took the responsibility of his party's poor performance in the UP assembly elections.

Speaking to media about the party's failure of Congress in the state, the 41-year-old congress leader who led the election campaign in the state said that it's too early to comment on why the Congress failed in the UP state elections.

However, he said "There was a mood for SP.......We fought well but the results are not so good, however it has improved from the 2007 assembly election."

"I promised to the people of UP that I will be seen with the poor, on the roads and fields and my work will continue. My efforts will be to re-erect the Congress in UP," he added.