Akhil Turai

In November 2020, Akhil Turai founded his new venture, Space Science LLC. Born in Kurnool and raised in Mumbai, India, Akhil Turai is an aerospace engineer who is now passionate about sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry with individuals in India and around the world. This venture is a result of the increased interest and development within the space industry and he hopes to educate and inspire future generations to achieve success within the space science field.

The 26-year-old was born in Kurnool, India, and went on to complete his education at the SRM Institute of Science and Technology and Australian National University. As a young child, he was fascinated by space but didn't believe it was something he could follow as a career. However, times have changed since his childhood, and the space industry in India and across the world is continuing to grow. Akhil Turai hopes to inspire kids and teens throughout the country and ignite their interest in studying science.

A period of change is expected in India within the space industry, and the Indian Space Research Organisation is planning to launch a space station in the future. While the US, Russia, and China are known for their current explorations and plans, it would be an exciting development for scientists and engineers in India if this project went ahead.

The Launch of Space Science LLC

Powered by his passion for space, he hopes to ignite this interest in kids and teens with his newly launched company. In India, as with many other countries in the world, space science is often overlooked in school curriculums. While it's brushed over briefly in some schools, kids and teens often don't see this as a viable career path when looking to further their education at university. This startup aims to increase young people's awareness about space via quizzes, competitions, and gaming apps. It will be open to kids and adults around the world, who will enjoy taking part in these interactive activities and exploring more about our fascinating universe. The first phase will start with the olympiad.

As an aerospace engineer who grew up in India, Turai hopes to interact and bring his knowledge and skills to the next generation in the country. He believes Space Science LLC will offer a fun yet informative experience for youngsters, who will develop a natural passion and interest in science. With competitions such as the Space Science Olympiad planned, he hopes to bring together kids and teens from around the world to interact and learn from each other away from the classroom.

For young people in India, they may feel their educational opportunities are limited to following certain career paths. Now, kids and teens will see the future possibilities open to them to join the expanding space industry in their future career.