Akash Dadlani
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Bigg Boss 11 contestant Akash Dadlani has proved in his ongoing journey in the show that he is a good rapper, and a simple person. Akash is one of those who can never grow and their childish antics are adorable as well as annoying.

Akash has since the beginning made sacrifices for his friends in the Bigg Boss house, but nobody seemes to have reciprocated. With the season coming to an end, Akash has only one wish and that is to become the captian of the house.

However, none of the housemates — including his friends — voted for him. Puneesh Sharma's betrayal was the last straw, which irked Akash and he went mad with anger.

He, again, proved how much he wants to be the captain and is truly a rockstar.

Bandgi Kalra, Shilpa Shinde and Puneesh Sharma tortured Akash to an extreme extent in the recent luxury budget task. They rubbed garlic on his face and eyes and as a result his face swelled up.

Akash is allergic to garlic, and thus the reaction looked pretty bad. And yet he didn't move from his place, and underwent the torture like a rockstar.

While we think Akash is one of the strong contenders to be a finalist on Bigg Boss 11, here's what fans have to say about him: