Babloo Prithiveeraj and Ajith
Babloo Prithiveeraj and Ajith Kumar.PR Handout

All these years, we have seen a lot of celebrities praising the humble nature of Ajith Kumar and his dedication towards work. Well, here is one actor, who has something else to say which has now come as a shock to the cine-goers of South India.

Multilingual actor Babloo Prithiveeraj's three-month old comments have now surfaced online and receiving flak. In an interview, the actor was asked to tell positive and negative qualities of Thala.

Babloo Prithiveeraj said that Ajith was down-to-earth, stylish and a cool man. Talking about the bad aspects of Thala, he claimed, "He has zero dedication and doesn't want to act. But he is lucky," the Telugu actor indicated that stardom has easily come his way, making him careless about his work.

He further took potshots at Ajith by stating, "He is more interested in cooking biriyani and things like that." The clip is now going viral even as the angry fans of Ajith are lashing out at him by questioning his achievements.

Who is Ajith?
 Ajith entered film industry without any background. He never dreamt of being an actor at the first place. He was passionate in modelling and racing, but did not have passion to pursue a career in film industry.

After dropping out of school, he worked in garment industry and turned a businessman by starting a textile-processing agency. Unfortunately, the business was not successful and he lost a huge amount of money.

To clear his loans, Ajith started acting and made forgettable debut in Telugu film industry. He was also trying to follow his passion to make a career in auto racing.

A week before a major competition, Ajith suffered a serious injury, which shattered his dreams. He was bedridden for 18 months. After those depressing months, he started working in the film Pavitra. Again, it was only for survival. In 1995, he got a break in Kollywood in the form of Aasai.

Thereafter, his real journey in film industry begun. Today, he is one of the few Tamil actors, who has legion of fans across the globe.

Apart from acting, he loves racing and cooking.