Aishwarya Choubey
Pictured: Aishwarya Choubey

UPDATE 7.30 p.m. IST: Actor and former "Bigg Boss" contestant Ajaz Khan has denied all the allegations made by model Aishwarya Choubey. Ajaz said that the model has been lying to gain publicity. Aishwarya had recently accused Ajaz of sending her vulgar messages and asking for sexual favours.

Ajaz contacted International Business Times India on Saturday and said that Aishwarya had earlier used Salman Khan's name for publicity and now she is defaming him for the same reason. "This girl had said that she is Salman Khan's girlfriend. If she can make such false statements about a superstar like Salman, why would she care to lie about me," said Ajaz.

While Aishwarya had earlier filed a complaint against the actor at Versova police station, Ajaz said that police was unwilling to take the complaint as they realised it was a fake complaint. "Even the police was not willing to file the complaint because they could figure out that it was false. But due to some reporters' pressure, police had to file it. Aishwarya is a fake girl and a publicity seeker. She had tried to spoil Salman Khan's name and another actor's name from Telugu industry but she could not succeed," he added.


After alleging that Ajaz Khan sent some vulgar messages to her, Aishwarya Choubey has now come up with some more serious accusations against the actor. The model said that Ajaz has till date sexually abused many struggling actresses in pretext of giving them work.

In an interaction with International Business Times, India, Aishwarya said that Ajaz, who happens to be a former "Bigg Boss" contestant, not only asked her for sexual favours but had sexually exploited other struggling actresses in the industry. She said that those victims could not raise their voice fearing about their families and name.

"I have been getting messages and calls from other girls too who have told me about Ajaz asking them for sexual favours and many others were actually exploited by him. This guy has till date shed clothes of many girls in the pretext of giving work in the industry. Those struggling actresses are scared to raise their voice against him due to their families. I can't take their names because that will cause problems for them. I have stood up against him in order to save other girls who might fall in his trap," Aishwarya told IBTimes India.

She also said that after she had revealed a telephonic conversation and messages between her and Ajaz to the media, the actor called her and she was scared to admit that she had released the voice clip and messages. "After I had released the voice recording, Ajaz called me and I got little scared as they talk in a very Bhaigiri style. I had lied to him at that time saying that I didn't release but a friend of mine did. However, now I am not afraid of him and I am ready to fight for the truth," she said.

When asked if she thinks that she would get any support from the industry in this case, Aishwarya said that she is fighting for a right cause and people who like to stand for the truth would come and support her.

On the other side, Ajaz has been denying the allegations and said that Aishwarya has been making use of Salman Khan's name for publicity and now she has come up with these accusations for the same purpose. While Aishwarya said that she is a big fan of Salman and has met him and his father Salim Khan once, Ajaz said that she never met the superstar and has been using his name for publicity. The model has filed an FIR against Ajaz, following which the actor was arrested but was released on PR Bond.