Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace
Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace attends the UK Premiere of 'Plastic' at Odeon West EndGetty images

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace is back on social media and with a bang! Or whatever comic sound you would like to put.

The 'Big Brother' star who was absent from social media for quite some time took to Instagram stories and explained to all her fans the reason behind her going missing. And while doing so, she also accompanied with it a very raunchy photo of her where she flashes her bottoms, wearing a gold dress with deep thigh split.

"Need to throw up some nakedness because I been gone too long... I'm back FULL STORY OF MY DISAPPEARANCE IS EXPLAINED ON MY STORY," read the caption.

Aisleyne revealed in her Instagram story, that she was duped by a man in a pub, who convinced her to buying a fake iPhone.

The model starts by saying that she was gone because she fell prey to a really good deal and that the deal sounded so true (which is the con man's talent).

The model went on about how she met this man in the pub and how she was bowled over by the device. Because she thought, "'ooh, ooh - it's got a mirror on the back, that iPhone's looking good."
But the real surprise was still waiting for her, for when she went back home and switched on the phone, instead of Apple, "it's an Android."

Aisleyne used her sense of humour and described the whole situation as buying a Gucci and later finding Primark on the label.

Her absence from social media did make her fans sad and the model has noticed that too. By saying, " These people on Instagram have suffered without me!"

She ended the video by addressing the seller as the 'man in pub', demanding the money that she apparently paid.

"You're going to hell!"

Upon hearing her side of the story, her fans have been making fun of her. While one fan was curious as to why she would buy a second-hand phone from blokes in pubs despite having millions of money. Other's found her post pretty funny, where one goes,"Watched the story and laughed because that would totally be me ffs. #damnyoumaninthepub".

Aisleyne was one of the contestants on Big Brother in 2006.