Six months after the birth of Beti B, the mystery surrounding her formal name has finally come to an end.

After a verbal confirmation by daddy Abhishek Bachchan in a recent interview, now grandfather Amitabh Bachchan has also put a rest to all the speculations.

Amitabh wrote "My granddaughter is called Aaradhya", on twitter, confirming Beti B's official name, who was born on Nov.16 last year.

In a reply to a follower on twitter, who requested the Sr. Bachchan to disclose the little one's name, Amitabh wrote:  "Her name is Aaradhya," IBN Live reported.

Earlier this week, Abhishek Bachchan repeatedly referred to her as "Aaradhya" in an interview with The Times of India.

"Aaradhya wakes up in the night for her feed and a nappy change. Ash, who's completely clued in, is up in a jiffy. However, I must confess, it took time for me to get used to the new routine. When the baby cried, I woke up too, but couldn't go back to sleep immediately. So Ash suggested that I sleep in another room till such time as Aaradhya was slightly older," TOI quoted Abhishek as saying.

Aaradhya is the first daughter of Bollywood superstars Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan.

Her birth has been one of the most touted events of the year. There were truckloads of rumors about the baby's name, several morphed images of the child and the mother also surfaced online; however, Bachchan household kept up their principles and has still not exposed the little one in public.