Only seven months old in this world, the newest member of the distinguished Bachchan clan, Aaradhya, is perhaps the youngest celebrity ever.

She is not only born with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth , but is also extremely fortunate to enjoy the bliss of being taken care by world's most beautiful woman.

Though Bachchan fans' have named the baby "Beti B" a.k.a Beti Bachchan, her grandma has given her a new name. Jaya Bachchan prefers calling Aaradhya by her nickname "strawberry."

The beautiful "brown eyed" toddler is tall, cute and a joyful child and as Grandma Jaya puts it, she is one of the luckiest babies in the world, having a "nurse like Ex-Miss World" and a hands-on superstar mom as Aishwarya.

Aaradhya is born in one of the most respected and venerated families in the country, with a mother like Aishwarya Rai, an epitome of beauty, an established actor Abhishek Bachchan as father and veteran actors Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan as doting grandfather and grandmother.

In fact this little born-star is much luckier than her father Abhishek, who had to struggle hard for several years to gain this limelight, despite being the only son of veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan.

However, Aaradhya was the talk of the town even before she came into this world. She was born on Nov 16 last year, nearly 15 days after her famous mom's 38th birthday. Though the entire family kept each and every detail under wraps to save the fragile one from camera glares, fans and media kept disclosing information in bits and pieces.

When the Babchchan's refused to divulge the little one's name, their loyal fans gave her a unique name "Beti B" a.k.a Beti Bachchan. Finally, in January, Amitabh had to kowtow to fans' request and announced her official name "Aaradhya" in public.

Though no one, except a fan, has ever seen the adorable new Bachchan, the world still knows a lot about the little toddler.

Jaya Bachchan recently revealed at a media interaction that her "Strawberry" has started to crawl and is growing up quickly. She also said that Aaradhya has inherited the looks equally from both her mom and dad. She is tall as her parents and as fair as Aish.

The lucky fan, who got a clear glimpse of Aaradhya while strolling in a mall in London, said that she has "brown eyes and long eyelashes."

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