Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek Bachchan
Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek BachchanREUTERS/Stringer India

Every little happening around Aaradhya, the newest addition to the Bachchan family, is big news, thanks to the stardom of her grandparents and parents.

The Bachchan are peeved by everyday reports and frenzy around their little one, whom they want to give a "normal upbringing" and keep away from the media glare, but they just can't help. The eight-month-old toddler is in the news again for piercing her ears.

According to her grandmother, Jaya Bachchan, the little toddler has gotten her ears pierced and is now sporting tiny earrings.

Following the family tradition, her loving parents Aishwarya and Abhishek got her ears pierced. The duo opted for the blow dart gun process for pricking Aaradhya's ears to make sure that she doesn't feel much pain.

Well that's not all! Even Aish and Abhi joined her daughter and got their ears pierced to share the pain of their daughter. It was daddy Abhishek's first piercing, while Aish already has got one. She sports a new diamond stud, while her hubby and daughter have gold studs.

"Last week, Ash decided to get Aaradhya's ears pierced. Abhishek too has been wanting to get it done. He adores his baby girl and couldn't bear to see her in pain, so he decided to go for it along with her. Ash also wanted to do it again, so she joined them. It ended up becoming a family event, with the trio making the trip to the hospital together, where they got their ears pierced via a dart gun!" the Times of India quoted a source as saying. 

"Abhishek doesn't have a tattoo like his good friends Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt, he's happy with his pierced ears," added the source.

The news was first disclosed by grandmother Jaya Bachchan herself, who earlier revealed that her "Strawberry," as she fondly calls her grand daughter, has started crawling and is a "tall girl" with features of both Aish and Abhi.

Recently, the yesteryear actress was overheard telling Nandita Das during a film premier in Delhi that Aaradhya adorns tiny studs in her newly pierced ears.

With fans anxiously waiting for the little one's pictures, we wonder how adorable former Miss World's little daughter would be looking with the new accessory.