Indian telecom major Bharti Airtel has launched an exclusive emergency alert service for its subscribers.

"During an emergency, Airtel mobile customers can now send an alert with their geographic location to their closest 10 loved ones simultaneously with just a call, facilitating an access to easy and quick help," said  Bharti Airtel in a statement, reported  Business Standard.

If an Airtel subscriber calls the emergency number "55100", the alert service will simultaneously send a message along with the geographical location to a pre-defined group of people in one's family and friends circle.

Once the Airtel subscriber sign up for this alert, the service will automatically be on 24x7 alert mode.

This emergency alert system is expected to be adopted by many in India where joint families are dwindling fast and old couples are staying far from their children.

Subscribers can enter the number "55100" in their speed dial and get access to friends and family in case of dire needs like an accident or medical emergency at the press of a button.

This kind of emergency service is considered a true gift of technology, which can be used for quick response time in natuaral disasters like Tsunami and earthquakes.

The 24x7 emergency alert service also provides the 'SAFE' option. Subscribers can type 'SAFE' and send SMS to "55100" and the service will automatically forward the message to 10 pre-designated people.

The service can be availed with a monthly subscription of ₹30. In order to assign members to the emergency group one can type 'START'<1st mobilenumber><2nd mobilenumber>, and SMS it to 55100.

For more information regarding Airtel's 24x7 Emergency Alert Service, users can click here.