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YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

Popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'The Hidden Underbelly' has uploaded an eerie clip which shows a strange UFO passing speedily across the skies of Thailand. The video was apparently shot by an airplane passenger, and after analyzing the spooky clip, conspiracy theorists soon came to the conclusion that alien life is a reality.

The conspiracy theory channel revealed that the clip was shot by a man named Jason during his flight back from Thailand. The object spotted by Jason was a white sphere, and at the first glance, it literally looked like a piece of a giant snowball.

"While Jason Feather was on a flight back from Thailand he decided to record the sky from his plane window but it wasn't until he was home and reviewing the footage that he noticed this white sphere object zipping pass before disappearing into the clouds," wrote the conspiracy theory channel in the video's description.

The video has now gone viral on online spaces, and people are vigorously sharing the clip on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. After watching the video, many conspiracy theorists argued that alien life is a reality, and the government is intentionally covering up the truth regarding extraterrestrial existence fearing public panic.

Viewers of 'The Hidden Underbelly 2.0' also shared their thoughts about this spooky sky sighting.

"Awesome! Lucky catch too! That fast, it was a mere chance to catch it," commented Ben Driggers, a YouTube user.

"Extremely cool video sir," commented Anthony W Stanton, another YouTuber.

However, sceptics argued that the object spotted in the video is actually a weather balloon filled with swamp gas.

This new UFO sighting from Thailand came just a few days after three flying objects were spotted in France. These three flying objects in the skies of France moved erratically in the skies which made many local residents believe that an alien invasion is imminent.