The tail section was brought to the surface with the help of an inflatable device.Twitter

The black box of the doomed AirAsia QZ8501 flight has been found in the sea bed and will be retrieved on Monday morning. 

Indonesia's Directorate General of Marine Transport confirmed on Sunday that the black box of has been found but is stuck amidst the plane's wreckage. 

Indonesian search teams that have been hunting for the wreckage of AirAsia Flight QZ8501 believe that a sonar scan has detected the aircraft's fuselage.

Indonesian authorities said on Sunday said the teams heard signals, believed to be emanating from the black box recorders, reported AFP. 

An official said that the three ships used by the search teams had detected "pings" from within a four km radius of where the plane's tail was raised on 10 January.

"The ping was detected about one kilometre (0.6 miles) east of the tail," S.B. Supriyadi, a director with the National Search and Rescue Agency, told AFP.

He said that military divers are trying to follow the "ping' sounds, which might lead them to the box. The black box is expected to be seated on the floor of the Java Sea, around 30 metres (100 feet) below the surface of the water.

The passenger flight had crashed into the Java Sea halfway into a two-hour flight from the Indonesian city of Surabaya to Singapore on 28 December, killing all 162 people on board. Ever since, rescue operators have been looking for the bodies of victims and wreckage of the plane, especially the black boxes that hold the key to the cause of the crash.

Erratic weather has been obstructing search operations for Airbus A320-200 remains. The search efforts, which have involved the US, Chinese and other foreign naval ships, have recovered 48 bodies so far of the 162 passengers who were on board.

The crash of the aircraft is widely attributed to stormy weather. However, a definitive answer is  impossible without the black box, which is expected to contain the pilots' final words as well as the flight data.