Air India
Air India pilots' strike has caused losses in crores to the already debt-ridden national carrierReuters

Problem-prone Air India is dogged by yet another threat. The Indian Commercial Pilots Association had gone on a strike in April, and now, over 100 pilots have threatened to quit the airlines, alleging that the airlines management is adopting discriminatory decision against them to stall the progress of their career.

Over 100 pilots, owing allegiance to the Indian Pilots' Guild (IPG), have written letters to Air India CMD Rohit Nandan, Civil Aviation Minister Vayalar Ravi, the Regional Labour Commissioner, Mumbai, and other officials, complained that they were compelled to seek No Objection Certificate so that they could seek employment.

The letter signed by 101 pilots claimed that they felt cheated by the management's unfair and discriminatory decisions that could put an end to their career progression. "These decisions and actions provide a windfall gain to the pilots of erstwhile Indian Airlines at the expense of the career progression prospects of the pilots of erstwhile Air India," the letter said.

The problem cropped up after Air India decided to pilots of its domestic operations fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliners, saying all pilots should get chance in career growth. However, the Indian Pilots Guild (IPG), consisting of around 200 pilots of the pre-merger Air India, said that the move will stop their career progression. It added that they had made a contract that the first 150 senior pilots from Air India would fly the 787 Dreamliners which will join the fleet next month.