Air India
Air India (Representational Image)Reuters

An Air India pilot's music video which went viral on YouTube has angered the management of the crisis-stricken airline.

The singer in the video also left AI's airhostesses fuming by calling them "aunties".

"How do I fly with women in 60'ies they call them airhostess we call them Aunties," goes the lyrics.

The five-minute, 14-second video was uploaded by a user who goes by the name "VivusStudios" with a note: "A pilot goes thru lot of stress if made to sit at home ... this is for all my mates who r in similar condition ... Take it in healthy spirit, its not meant to hurt anyone's feelings. Its just music... for once just enjoy the video."

According to Hindustan Times, the aviation ministry and the company management have taken strong exception to the record titled "Air India Rap".

The video shows a man in the customary pilot uniform receiving a phone call saying that the flight is cancelled.

"What do I say to people what kind of pilot am I...who sits at home most of the time and never gets to fly. It's been more than 5 months since I haven't got paid...Time and time again and again I have been betrayed," goes one of the lines.

"They even don't lemme leave, they don't gimme NoC... Plz tell them its not Air Force, I aint at LoC,"

"What the f*** ma, why are you guys keeping quiet, how are you guys running home, do you have any other business by your side. I am filling bankruptcy, and I am getting bored. I am finished with all my money and lost all hope."

Enraged over the video, a ministry official said the pilot breached the code of conduct by rapping to expletives while wearing the uniform.  "Would he have dared to do this if he worked for a private airline?" asked the official, reported Hindustan Times.

Check out the video here: