Air India
Representative image.Reuters

A passenger on an Air India flight from Delhi to London found a live lizard in an in-flight meal on Thursday, dealing another blow to the image of the already-beleaguered airline. 

The passenger had reportedly ordered a special meal during the Delhi-London AI 111 flight, but was left shocked after a lizard came out from under a burger in the cling film-wrapped meal. 

"A passenger had asked for a special meal and so the flight attendant got his food tray from the galley. Soon after it was placed onto the tray, the passenger was heard screaming," a source told The Times of India.  

Other passengers on the plane also did not eat their meals following the revolting incident, the report said.

The passenger has reportedly filed a complaint with Air India. 

For the cabin crew on the Air India flight, the incident, however, may not have come as a shock as they had earlier complained of even finding cockroaches in the food carts, according to TOI. 

"For months now, we have been complaining to the airline management that the galley carts are not cleaned properly, but to no avail," a crew member told the newspaper. 

The report comes just a day after it was reported that an Air India flight flying from Delhi to Goa was forced to return after passengers complained of "severe suffocation" as the in-flight air conditioner was not working.

Air India has, however, has called the reports 'false' and 'baseless'. 

In a series of tweets, Air India said that 'no such complaint has been received from any passenger on board the flight or at Air India office'. 

The picture of the lizard in the Air India food tray was immediately shared on social media.