Rahul Gandhi
Congress Vice President Rahul GandhiReuters

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi was on Thursday asked a question by Olympic medalist Vijender Singh which has plagued him for years -- 'When will he get married?' Gandhi, however, invoked destiny in response and said, "Jab hogi, hogi (it will happen when it happens)".

Gandhi, a 47-year-old bachelor, has generally been evasive whenever the question of marriage has been thrown at him. However, this time, he was cornered by the champion boxer at the PHD Annual Awards for Excellence.

When Singh asked Gandhi about when is he planning to marry, the Congress VP attempted to duck the question by saying, "It's a very old question."

However, the boxer pressed him to answer and said: "Everybody is waiting for it. It will be quite something if you become Prime Minister and then marry." To which, Gandhi replied: "Jab hogi, hogi."

The boxer also asked Gandhi about the importance he gave to sports as he had "rarely seen a lawmaker doing any sports."

Gandhi shot back with: "I do exercise, swimming, am a black belt in aikido. But I don't talk about it publicly. I do sports one hour every day. Though I admit I haven't done so in the past three-four months."

rahul gandhi
Rahul Gandhi during his Gujarat visit on October 9, 2017.Twitter.

The Congress leader was responding to questions at the business event held in New Delhi after making a strong pitch for his party's comeback. He also denounced Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), describing demonetisation and the GST reform as "two quick shots to the chest."

Gandhi also admitted at the event that the previous government at the Centre led by his party had several shortcomings "towards its closing day," and added that a new Congress government "would be a much more decentralised government."