AIB's new "Every Bollywood Party Song" video featuring Irrfan Khan is being loved by those who despise the clich├ęs Bollywood thrives on. However, a certain superstar isn't quite taken by the viral video.

Talking to Absolute News, "Brothers" actor said that making fun of others isn't what he believes in.

"I don't come from the background where we make fun of each other. I come from a different school. But it's their look out. They do best what they want to. They have all the right as it's a free country and everyone is independent to give their opinion," the daily quoted the actor as saying.

Irrfan, on the other hand, strongly believes the song video is a satire and everyone should take it in the right spirit. The leading man, who is known for his intense roles, said there's a humourous side to him as well adding he agreed to do the video as the concept and wordings spoke to him.

"I don't even know which party song has been picturised on which star. I haven't seen any party song ever nor have I done one, so I have no idea which one is a hit or not. I don't think anybody would be upset by our video as it's all in good fun. It's not just about party songs but they are also making fun of me," he told DNA.

In other news, the video has garnered close to 2.5 million hits in less than 3 days.