New Delhi, Nov 13 (ANI): L Sarita Devi's amateur boxing career could be finished after her "unacceptable" behaviour at the Incheon Asian Games where the fighter refused to accept her bronze medal on the podium, said the president of the governing AIBA. Sarita was furious after losing her semi-final to local favourite Park Ji-na in the women's lightweight division. She refused to wear the medal when it was presented to her, taking it only in her hand before trying to drape it over Park. When the presentation was over, Sarita left the medal behind, despite being told to take it with her. Meanwhile, former Indian Sports Minister, MS Gill, said that it was very unfortunate and athletes should respect the judgement. Former athlete, Sunita Godara, said Devi's behaviour was against sportsmanship and AIBA would not take it lightly.