Imran Khan
Imran KhanYouTube Screenshot

Activists AIB has taken on the burning issue of homosexuality in their trademark style and made a spoof video, with actor Imran Khan taking lead.

Through the video, AIB aims to convey the message on how some people feign ignorance on the matter, while some just act stubborn about it.

Imran takes upon himself to talk about some of the most common notions of homosexuality, with a crisp sarcasm to drive the point home.

He hilariously refutes the common perception that being gay is a matter of choice, as he explains sarcastically that the gay switch has to be turned off to make one straight.

Slamming the common belief that 'being gay' is a western concept and against Indian culture, the actor meticulously says: "I could show you some pictures to prove otherwise or I could tell you about the wonderful things that were and still part of our culture. Things like dowry, the caste system, female infanticide...The point is you don't need cultural approval to live, love in peace."

Several questions pertaining to the gay issue follow, after which a fed up Imran finally gives up sardonically saying: "'s all about sex, It's not about love, basic human rights and the right to live in a society without prejudice... and I hope your enjoying the 1860s."

The video ends with a sincere message, "Ignorance is a choice."

AIB is known for such spoofs and has previously made a similar video on the rising crime rates against women in India, which featured some of the stupid reactions from politicians and self-styled gods. Actress Kalki Koechlin and VJ Juhi starred in the sarcastic video.

Watch the AIB's mocking take on the Homophobia: