The Gujarat High Court has issued a warrant against a Jain monk who requested the judiciary to give him eight months time to answer a summons. His reason? He needs to walk all the way from Kolkata to Ahmedabad since he is not supposed to catch a bus or flight because of spiritual reasons!

However, the court has asked Acharya Kirti Yashurishwarji Maharaj to appear before it without fail by 4 November.

The monk had pleaded that since Jain monks renounce worldly life and practise total detachment, he won't be able to make use of modern travel modes and have to walk 2,046 km to reach the court in Ahmedabad.

According to Times of India, the 60-year-old spiritual leader is facing a criminal case for allegedly forging a government document that says induction of children into the order is legal. The monk and five others allegedly published a false notification that said that Indian government not only supports Bal Diksha but the practice was not in violation of juvenile protection laws.

However, Ahmedabad-based activist Jasmin Shah took the Jain monk to court for forging the government notification.

Since then, the Gujarat High Court has come down heavily on the supporters of 'Bal Diksha' and has asked whether the practice was in violation of the laws meant for protection of juveniles and the right to childhood, which is covered under Article 21 (Right to Life) of the Constitution.