Ahmed Meeran
Ahmed Meeran

The 24-year old Internet Star and IIM Kashipur Student Ahmed Meeran talks about his Social Media journey and personal life.

Q. It is stunning to see your growth in the last few months on social media. What do you think is the reason for the consistent growth?

Haha! CONSISTENCY! That is the key. In my case, my 'Bigg Boss trolls' and 'Tiktok Vaasigal' roast series on my Instagram profile 'ahmedmeeranoffl' have been the reason for the good reach in the last few months.

Q. Do you really find time amidst your hectic IIM life to make videos regularly?

I believe that stating lack of time, as a reason can just be an excuse. Yes, IIM life is hectic but I do find time for myself and to create videos regularly. My passion is what keeps me motivated.

Q. Your comedy content is only in Tamil but your singing videos are multilingual. Any specific reasons behind this?

Tamil is my mother tongue. I do speak Hindi and Telugu as well very fluently, but 'humour', the 'one liners' and 'counter punches' come to me naturally in Tamil. However, when it comes to singing for covers, my fluency and understanding of the other languages are enough to create videos, I feel.

Q. Tell us about your film offers so far.

In 2018, I got an offer from 'Aruvi' fame director Arun Prabhu's team to screen test for the male lead role in his next film. Due to my studies, I could not take it up at that time. I have mixed feelings towards missing such an excellent opportunity.

Q. Can you share about any memorable celebrity message that you received?

Yes. Popular Tamil film director Vignesh Shivan sir personally messaged me on Instagram and appreciated my videos. Direct Message from him surprised me and made me feel extremely humbled.

Q. Tell us about your hometown Andaman and about your Family.

I simply feel blessed and lucky to belong to the Andaman Islands. It is full of peace, beauty and bliss. Coming to my family, it is a huge joint family. Both my mom and dad are completely looking after our family businesses currently. My elder sister is presently preparing for competitive exams.

Q. What are you Future Plans? Media or MBA Job?

I am looking forward to work for a good company and at the same time continue to pursue my passion in singing as well as social media content creation. As far as acting in films is concerned, I am definitely looking forward to explore that part as well if some exciting opportunities come in the way.

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