Valentine week has begun and the boyfriends are already under a lot of pressure to impress their girlfriends. While most cannot stop gushing about their SOs on social media, some have gone ahead and shared memes which work perfectly for those who are single this 14 February or do not believe in the celebrations that surround the overrated Valentine's Day.

However, there are a bunch of other days one has to live through to reach the "Day" and they are: Rose Day (7 February, Sunday), Propose Day (8 February, Monday), Chocolate Day (9 February, Tuesday), Teddy Day (10 February, Wednesday), Promise Day (11 February, Thursday), Hug Day (12 February, Friday), and Kiss Day (13 February, Saturday).

This info is crucial to those in love and are planning to surprise their loved ones each day of the week. For the ones sitting single at home or in a long distance relationship or simply have no faith in the day, there's Netflix and beer. Matches on Television and video games could also be options for people planning on sitting snug in the comfort of their warm couches.

The unimaginable stress every individual goes through arranging for the perfect set-up in which they propose or speak their heart out on this is outright cruel. The idea of V-day has more to do with the elaborate date-nights, diamonds, flowers and chocolates than love.

Below are a bunch of memes and posts by users which take on Valentine's Day head first:

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