After the success of Vidya Balan starrer "Kahaani", director Sujoy Ghosh is back with another thriller. 

Titled "Ahalya", the Bengali short film has Radhika Apte, veteran Bengali actor Soumitra Chatterjee and Tota Roy Chowdhury in key roles.

The film is the modern day interpretation of the tale of Ahalya from Hindu mythology Ramayana.

Radhika plays the role of a beautiful and seductive wife Ahalya, who is married to a much older artist Goutam Sadhu (played by Chatterjee). The film revolves around what happens when a cop Indra Sen (played by Chowdhury) pays a visit to Goutam-Ahalya's house.

Talking about his film, director Sujoy told ANI: "The entire experience of making 'Ahalya' was very challenging yet interesting. For me, both Ramayan and Mahabharat are the greatest books ever and the unending wealth of stories in these two books is undisputed. The story of 'Ahalya' always remained with me because in my younger days I found it very funny what happened with Indra. The curse of Goutam Sadhu has always stayed in my mind but in an amusing way."

The 14-minute film has been receiving overwhelming responses from viewers and Bollywood celebs alike, making it trend on Facebook.

Unveiled by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films on Tuesday, "Ahalya" leaves one spellbound and has already garnered more than three lakhs views on YouTube.