Chloe Bennet and Luke Mitchell as Daisy and Lincoln
Chloe Bennet and Luke Mitchell as Daisy and LincolnFB / Agents of SHIELD

Though Daisy (Chloe Bennet) is busy with her mission of assembling a Secret Warriors team, she will take a break to have some quality time with her new Inhuman boyfriend, Lincoln (Luke Mitchell), once the Season 3 of "Agents of SHIELD" returns in March.

As reported by IGN, Daisy, under the guidance of Director of SHIELD, Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg), is almost done with finalising the members of the Inhuman group of fighters. Now that Lincoln has decided to stay with SHIELD after much persuasion, it has come as a relief to Daisy.

Though Lincoln is an alcohol addict, the fact can't be denied that he has been a great help once he concentrates on his job of tracing the other Inhumans.

The Secret Warriors' mission is to find and protect Inhumans from the poachers so that Daisy and SHIELD can prove to the world that they can co-exist with rest of the human world peacefully.

In an interview, Luke Mitchell said that second half of Season 3 would be "an interesting time period" for Lincoln. He talked about the struggles that Licoln will face while trying to adjust with the rest of the team.

Mitchell also said that the romance between Daisy and Lincoln will progress in the upcoming episodes and there will be "more kissing."

"He's part of the team, he's integrating of sorts into the team, and that's where there will be a little bit of conflict coming up because it won't be the smoothest transition or integration. He still has his own reservations and perspectives and one or two demons in the closet that are unresolved. There definitely will be a little bit more romance," Mitchell said.

TV Line has stated that Season 3B will explore more of Lincoln's past story. The first half of Season 3 emphasised the difficulties faced by Inhumans in the society as they were feared by common people and were constantly hunted by the poachers. Lincoln was also on a constant run and was trying to hide desperately from the hunters.

Maurissa Tancharoen, executive producer of the "SHIELD," has reported said that the upcoming episodes will focus on Lincoln's "pre-Afterlife" days.

Marvel's "Agents of SHIELD" Season 3 will return back to ABC on 8 March.