Cast: Naveen Polishetty, Shruthi Sharma

Director: Swaroop

Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya hit the screens on Friday and yes, it is worth a watch this weekend. If you are looking for a movie that will keep you engaged and entertained for two and half an hours, then this film is the right choice and Agent Athreya will definitely will your hearts.

Well, the first half of the film is very slow, but still, it will make you laugh a lot and the story of this detective called Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya (Naveen Polishetty), and the cases he takes up is something that keeps going on, on the other track of these parallel lines of humour and thrill.

Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya
Agent Sai Srinivasa AthreyaTwitter

Athreya keeps taking up petty cases as he gets nothing big to solve. Initially, it looks like he is bluffing that he is a detective. But as he keeps solving these petty cases, we understand that is a pro in detectives.

As the story progresses, Athreya's friend Sirish, a crime reporter, asks the agent to take up a case and solve the mystery behind it. Slowly, one after the other, the layers open up and Athreya finds himself in a trap where his life is in danger. He keeps taking help of Sneha (Shruthi Sharma), his assistant to solve these cases. A Sub-Inspector and Bobby (Suhaas), a fellow detective and a couple of other people, who want this case to be solved come for Athreya's rescue, and one fine day, they unveil the truth. The series of murders that are happening in the city, are actually not murders, but natural deaths of people. Agent, understands that his is a scam and that there's a mastermind behind all that is happening.

The film it is receiving positive reviews all over. All the artistes in the film have performed really well. Shot in small budget, this film has all the standards of being called a perfect detective thriller.

This film gives Naveen a much-needed break and Shruthi Sharma has done an amazing job. Though she is a debutante, she has acted like a pro. All the supporting actors have elevated the film in a good way.

Director Swaroop has written the story really well and screenplay by him and Naveen is a plus to the story. Background music for thrillers is very much important and in this film, it will make the story gripping. However hard you try, you might not be able to pick up a flaw or fault in this film.

Rest of the technicalities have also been really good and this film is worth a watch this weekend.